Cannabis Compliance Officer Positions in Colorado

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With the growth of Colorado’s legal cannabis industry, the state is now experiencing a large volume of revenue. Much of this money is invested in staff and infrastructure to regulate the Colorado cannabis industry. The state has recently become a major player in both federal and local laws, which has led to the need for a Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO). The Cannabis department is a highly competitive department with a large number of applications for positions that are not even available in the field. Many applicants are currently applying for CCO positions with little to no experience as a state or federal regulator. Fortunately, some of these positions are being posted throughout the state to meet the demand for new compliance officers.

If you are planning on working for the state and believe you have what it takes to be an active CCO position, now is the time to begin applying. The department is overburdened with work, and the Colorado department of taxation will not be adding any new positions until 2020. At the moment, the department needs qualified individuals to fill the new jobs as soon as possible.

Additionally, a comprehensive background check is required for all hires. Be sure to submit to a thorough search of your criminal history as well as an interview and reference check. A good Colorado CCO will also meet with representatives from the industry to make the state work much more comfortable and knowledgeable.